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Why it’s important to be selfish

Let’s talk about taking time for yourself; about being selfish. Because being nice to yourself is the best way to be nice to others.

To be honest, I earnestly believe in the above statement, but I’m still working on applying it to my own life 100% of the time.  It’s counterintuitive. It’s not what we’re taught. I still struggle with putting myself first — not because I’m a saint, but because most of us (I think) are hardwired into thinking that you’re rotten if you choose yourself over others. (BIG IMPORTANT NOTE: being selfish in this context does not mean cutting down others, inflating your own ego, or disregarding the feelings and well-being of those around you. Being selfish for all intents and purposes of this post means allowing yourself to take the time to do you — examples below).

It’s taken a while (and I’ll repeat over and over on this blog that I’m a late bloomer), but I’ve realized that we are much better at serving others when we’ve served ourselves.

Yesterday, I waltzed into a 1hr aerial yoga class with Kate at 10am. We got out of class at… 2:30pm. We were enjoying our time stretching, meditating, building strength, and dancing so much that we just stuck around. And by the end of it, I could feel a huge difference in my demeanor. I called Peter and thanked him for being chill about my 4.5hr long yoga session. I offered to grab him lunch on the way home. I wouldn’t say it was out of character for me, but I can honestly say that I really wanted to offer to do something nice. I was elated. Happy. I didn’t want anything back in return. I felt completely and utterly fulfilled by having the opportunity to take time to myself and wanted to fill the rest of my day with joy and positive vibes.

Rewind to a decade ago. My boyfriend at the time, Phil (not his real name), and I had an unspoken rule that every minute of every waking hour was to be spent together. And when you’re young and still navigating what it means to be in a relationship, this sort of thinking seems …sweet. We were consumed. We were sooo in love. But then friends started to disappear from our lives. We weren’t invited out anymore. My hobbies became his hobbies and his mine. I didn’t know who I was anymore — I had lost all sense of self, all sense of independence.

I’ve had to learn it the hard way — and I’m STILL learning! There are times I’m emotionally in debt (meaning I have no more to give) because I feel like I’ve given so much that the world owes me something. And this is a dangerous destructive mindset. This is when I know to pull back, chill, and take some me-time. So, here are some of my favorite ways to be selfish and gain back that emotional wealth:

  1. Get enough sleep: I can’t believe that I’ve thought that going to sleep and waking up at times you’re happy with was a selfish act. You do not have to match your sleeping habits to anyone. Listen to your mind and your body. You’ll be in a better mood in the morning and everyone will thank you for it. (Note: disregard this if you’re a parent to a newborn — I’m not a mama yet, but I think you can kiss #1 goodbye for a little while — sorry!) 
  2. Take yourself out: Whether it’s coffee, froyo, or a 3-course meal at that new ramen joint you’ve been eyeing on Yelp, allow yourself to fully enjoy your own company (and the food you’re consuming — we don’t do that enough these days, don’t you think?). Read a book. People watch. Or, I suppose, sit on your phone. Point is, find time to remind yourself that it’s okay to be alone because you are enough.
  3. Cut out the noise: It’s critical to take yourself out of situations and conversations that affect you negatively. And although it’s difficult to balance during this peak era of drama news, 24/7 social media, and FOMO (fear of missing out), if it’s not music to your ears then it’s just noise. Conversation is like food — avoid the Cheetos and McDonald’s; nourish yourself — you deserve better. If conversations around me aren’t engaging, I listen to a podcast.
  4. Speak up for yourself: Boy, this one took a long time for me to figure out — and I’m still working on it! If you don’t let people know what you want, you’re going to be stressed. And that’s going to stress out the people around you. Makes sense, right? So, communicate. Speak up. And remember that’s it’s okay to say, ‘no.’
  5. Get away: Go for a drive, take a mini-vacation, go on a hike, exercise, watch a movie. I personally really like taking classes (whether that’s cooking class, archery, yoga, scrapbooking, or whatever else you fancy) because it forces you to stay engaged and, most importantly, stay off your phone. These days, it’s a feat to be disconnected from your handheld connection to the world. Do it. It feels great.


I hope you take a little time to yourself today (and tomorrow and the next day and the next day after that). Let me know your thoughts! Do you have trouble with finding time for yourself? How have had any breakthrough moments? What can I do better? Let’s discuss ❤



  1. I’ve always wondered why people think it’s rude to be selfish or to take time for yourself. I’m going to try to get out there and do things besides being on my phone. Thank you for your tips and encouragement. I hope you keep this going. Love you!

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  2. Selfishness has such a broad spectrum of meanings. It’s difficult to communicate clearly what the benefits are in this context but your post is so concise and exactly what I too attempt to instill in those around me. Bruce Lee’s personal musings have influenced me heavily for being first an individual and practicing actions that benefit your well being; not mindless consumption. Great tips 😄


    1. Thank you for the feedback — I’m glad that it was communicated clearly. I worry because I too agree that the word “selfish” can be completely misconstrued. You’ll have to share with me some of your favorite Bruce Lee teachings! Cheers 🙂

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      1. “What the hell, you are what you are, and self-honesty occupies a definite and vital part in the ever-growing process…to become a human being and not a plastic one…”

        “…because one does not want to be disturbed, to be made uncertain, he establishes a pattern of conduct, of thought, a pattern of relationship to man. He then becomes a slave to the pattern and takes the pattern to be a real thing.” – Bruce Lee

        My thoughts: How can we cultivate honest fulfilling relationships toward others if we are a stranger to ourselves?

        Cheers Mari 🙂


  3. This information is definitely the truth. Had similar issues myself in my late teens and 20’s (30 now), and for how much tech has shaped our lives we tend to forget to just kind of disconnect and enjoy yourself. FOMO, as you mentioned, is something I’m seeing a LOT of as of lately and it kind of makes me sad. I recently relocated for a job offer to advance my career and not knowing anyone allows me to hang with myself and people watch often since I’m on the introverted side of being an ambivert, to Austin TX, and it’s very much keeping up with the Jones’. I just hope anyone reads your blog truly takes to heart the message of taking care of yourself Mentally and Physically. Ask for advice if you’re not quite sure how to 🙂

    My breakthrough moment was when I hit an all time low. I spent the majority of my life caring for my single mother which put me a quarter million in debt being selfless for her. When that ended, I knew I had to climb out of the debt hole, and I was OBSESSED with it. Plagued my mind day in and day out. After self medicating in a very unhealthy way, I finally learned how to realize that the plan I made is good, great even, but not to allow it take over my life. I lost a ton of weight, now into bodybuilding as a hobby and I meditate every morning before leaving to the office. Quality of life is now 14/10!

    TL;DR – What Mari said.

    -Long time fan

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    1. Boy. Your reply hit me hard. First, congratulations. I’m truly happy you were able to turn your situation around and put yourself at the top of the list. Bodybuilding and meditation take incredible amounts of self discipline. Wow! I appreciate you mentioning your age — sometimes I just want to let young people know that it takes time to get life rolling. Social media makes that illusion a million times more difficult. But once you’re out of the dust, it’s so worth it. You just gotta hang on for the crappy ride leading up to it.

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      1. Thank Ya! You’re absolutely right. I wanted to mention my age as well as I know the Smosh fan base has a lot of younger adults (I’m young at heart shut up), and while all of us have our own struggle in different ways, it’s still a climb to becoming yourself no matter how shoddy the situation is. Everything changes. It gets worse, but it gets better. The stretch of it may seem unfair, but as long as you keep your head up and a positive attitude you’ll start to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

        Also, congratulations to you as well. You’re doing a good thing for yourself allowing this as an outlet to show people you weren’t just handed your fame and success. You’ve had your own climb, struggle, whatever you want to call it to get here. While pictures and videos may show the highlights and prime (as social media does), you’ve still got your consistent daily battles too. At the end of the day, we’re all people. This saying is totally original and not said by anyone ever (especially not you hehe) but just don’t be a dick.

        Thanks for being you. I speak as a fan amongst the fan base that say we love you and appreciate you. Please don’t change. If you do change, you ask? Promise it’s only to better yourself and your own quality of life. Life is as awesome as you allow it to be!

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  4. I it is G’s Up from Italy again XD

    This post seems to come in my way at the right moment. In the last few months my life was completely destroyed. My brother almost die for a thrombosis(he is only 38), my father almost lose the capacity to see from and eye because some metal shards hit it. And then my very best friend, a girl that in the past five years was the one that fight with me against any struggle, decide to gone away, to leave me in the worst time ever.

    I have past my entire life thinking about the others first. It is like my motto. When the others are happy I can be happy, because they are. But when everything around you is falling apart it is very difficult.

    My friends and my cousins, the ones that are with me from the start and will be there for ever, all of them was and still are at my side helping me. I went out with them, spend some time with them. But it wasn’t enough.

    I come across to the same insight you have. I have to spent some time for me, for reset my mind and take my time to surpass all that happens.

    In that even you help me Mari, you and the smoshfam even without knowing was there to help me. I have find my way to pass my me-time. I have played a lot of videogame, watched every day yours videos, I have read a lot of books and some time I have went to my favorite irish pub to spent some time there talking with strangers.

    So I’m with you, spent some time for yourself is very important. I was at my limit, it was hard for me to help the others and even listen o them because I haven’t have any more energy even for myself.

    I would like to restart to meditate, I used to do it a lot in middle and high scholl, but now it seems that the inner peace that I have at the time is gone, for now at least.

    By the way magnificent post as always, and I’m sorry for the very long post XD


      1. I appreciate so much you and what you do. In many moment of the past years you and the others on smosh have changed my days and in some sort my life.

        In a few months I will start my after-graduation stage, the first step for my future, but I will for sure find a way to pass some time for myself and for keep my mind right on point XD

        I will even try to restart zen meditation, because in the past years I have had to much rage control problem…my good old inner demon.

        By the way I have started this account on here only for following your blog, but now I’m considering to start to write on here, for put out some thoughts and for reflect better on them. I don’t know.

        Cheers to you Mari


  5. I like the way you think. I do not know why people use words like “selfish” or “critique” in a negative way. Being selfish is okay, being anything you want is okay, as long as it does not hurt or harm someone else. I am a nurse and my job is to be selfless but at times we are trained to say “no”. This isn’t mean we are being selfish but this is assertiveness. Assertive for sake of ourselves.
    Nicely written, great job!

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  6. Yeah it’s good to take some time for yourself when everything is stressing you out. But sometimes I take too much time for myself because I’m stressed out by everything I have to do. In a sense where I just ignore other more important stuff I have to work on and instead I am watching a movie or reading a book. This always, always results in dissapiontment because I could’ve done the important stuff in that time I took to watch a movie…

    I guess I’m just not motivated enough to do what I have to do and use the excuse of “me-time” as an escape. I really want to better myself and I guess this is a way confronting myself by posting this comment.

    I could use your advise Mari, how do you motivate yourself and seperate me-time from work time?


    1. I would suggest this: the next time you offer yourself “me-time,” rather than watching a movie go take a class, go for a walk, sit in silence with your eyes closed for 5-10min, color in a coloring book — let yourself just float around in your own mind and body without the distraction of a screen. Did you know that the blue light emitted from tv/phone/monitor screens can actually cause depression and lack of sleep? Try to escape in other ways — you might be pleasantly surprised 🙂 best wishes to you, Amber!

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  7. I’ve always put others in front of myself , if I’m having a bad day and my friend says they’re having a bad day I set all my focus into making them feel better but I should focus on my state of mind because if I’m in a good mood it’ll help me help them be happy too . I just don’t know how to focus on me when people I care about are upset .

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    1. Being upset at times is a part of life. Continue to be kind for those you care for, but take a day or two (in succession if you want!) and dedicate them to things you want to do. Whether it’s nothing, or taking a trip somewhere downtown you’ve wanted to check out but nobody ever wants to go with you to. Remember that a friendship is a relationship, and your true friends & family will do the same for you in wanting you to be happy as you do for them 🙂 keep your head up!

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      1. I agree with you on this Roger. Being upset is a part of life and you should care for your friend. Mutually wanting happiness is a huge part of friendship and they will want you to be happy too.


  8. I hate that I have grown up with the mindset that you put everyone else before yourself. I have a very difficult time speaking up for myself because I am such a people pleaser. I will give 150% of myself to others before I even begin to think about how it affects me. I’m thankful I’ve begun to realize that this doesn’t help anyone involved. I have had to deal with 2 divorced parents waltzing in and out of my life for 21 years. They choose to be a parent when it’s convenient for them, and when you’re 8 years old left home alone with your 2 brothers for days at a time, it doesn’t do much for your sense of self-worth.

    I had this concept in my mind that if my own parents didn’t want me, no one else would. When I was in a relationship with my boyfriend (now husband) I clung so hard to him and his family that it almost tore us apart. I’ve had to re-learn trusting people as well as what it meant to be me. Not that vulnerable, manipulated, 8 year old girl, but a smart, strong, independent woman. I’ve learned that it’s okay to voice my opinions even if others don’t agree with me. I’ve learned that it’s okay to have different interests than my husband, and some time apart actually makes our relationship stronger. And I’ve learned that I am worth taking the time to take care of myself.

    I cut out the toxicity and now have a loving step-dad and extended family who love me like their own. I have a husband who supports my passions such as traveling alone to Amsterdam/Anaheim for VidCon. Being selfish has turned my life around completely and I encourage everyone to take your advice, Mari. Nothing but love and support to your blog, I can’t wait to read more ❤


    1. thank you for sharing this. This is the embodiment of taking care of yourself finding love for yourself when your family doesn’t seem to and learning to trust again starts with yourself. I am so glad to hear that you now have a loving step-dad and extended family.

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  9. Hello Mari !
    I can feel what you wrote.
    I am actually 27, and I sincerely have some time in my life where I struggle. And that is because I am clearly not selfish enough.
    I clearly am a “late to bloom” person too ! haha
    But we can’t just give up cause there’s time where we struggle, we have to fight, and make a way out of this.
    Everyday I try to take a moment to focus on “who am I, what do I want, where do I go”, to establish my self and follow a path I am sure I wanted.
    That’s where I am actually, and that’s not that easy. You know this sensation where I constently tell myself “Hey, we should have done this kind of job instead of this one, shouldn’t we try atleast ?”
    I am pretty sure, by learning to be more selfish, you ends up having less doubt on what you want to do. You start taking confidence, and can finally begin to do things you can be proud of.

    Thanks for these words Mari,

    Keep on doing what you feel is the best for you !

    A French guy.


  10. Your style of writing captivates me. I loved everything you said in this post- I’ve always struggled with not feeling bad about taking time for myself. And the word ‘selfish’ has such a broad spectrum of meanings, and we often ignore the technically good side of the spectrum. Thank you for sharing your light and words. You inspire me everyday. Love you, Mari.

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    A few years ago someone needed more from me than I could give. I sacrificed sleep for months. I was throwing up, passing out and having nightmares. I still feel some effects. I hope they are okay. It’s hard for me to connect with them again because of the person I became. I feel okay connecting when I have taken care of myself though.

    Additionally, 3 weeks ago I took time for myself and I felt like I could conquer anything and actively wanted to help other people. I haven’t taken a day for myself since then and I’ve been on a decline for a week+.

    I agree with Mari. Get sleep, say no once in a while and speak up so you don’t damage your mind, body, and spirit.

    Thanks to Mari for providing this reminder.

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  12. I always have trouble finding time for myself, and I notice when I do make time I am a lot happier. I really do need to work on being more selfish. I’ve started cutting negativity out of my life and am learning how to say no more easily now.
    This advice really helps and I hope I can follow it and put myself first more of the time. Thanks Mari ❤ Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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  13. MARI. THIS IS SO CRAZY. YOUR PAST TWO POSTS HAVE FALLEN INTO MY LIFE WHEN I NEEDED THEM THE MOST. Seriously though, I am so grateful for your posts. I like to get advice from others and i don’t really know who to talk to at the moment so seeing and reading your posts has just given me so much hope. I appreciate you so much. I’ve been doing really well with number 1-4 but number 5 is what i think i need the most right now. I need my own little escape. I wanna do something that will push me to the end of my comfort zone so i can explore the unexplored inside myself and grow. Thank you for your posts and thank you for all that you do. Keep on smiling 🙂

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  14. This is amazing… This post made me realize i shouldnt be ashamed when i think about my feelings and my needs after all… Im sorry, this post made me realize i get ashamed when i put myself first, honestly i am 21 y/o and i still have alot to learn and im aware of it. I have always loved Mari, the most ambitious girl i have ever seen, makes me want to do more things in life, somehow even makes me feel ambitious. This post, ill have to keep it in my mind and think of it every now and then… Love u girl, thank u for existing, for being yourself and for helping others even by writing about being selfish haha stay you 😀

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  15. Awesome as always Mari! I find it hard to take time for myself, as a college student it is truly difficult to get away from classes, assignments, and the chaos that is college life to really do something good for myself. That said, once or twice a week I try to go after class and get myself a bagel and a coffee, or a sandwich and a smoothie, and go and sit in the library and eat while I watch youtube videos or read a book or catch up on my TV shows. It is my favorite thing to do, and though it is a bit difficult to find the time to do so, I try to do things like this as often as I can. Thank you for another awesome post! You really are someone to look up to 🙂 ❤

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  16. Hi Mari I just want you to know that your influence is all over the world. I’m a 19-year-old all the way from Malaysia.
    Growing up we’re all taught to care about the others (like what you said) and I might have taken that a lil bit too seriously. I cared about the others too much and have always been wanting to please everyone. Now that I’ve grew tired of that feeling and tried to not care so much. It feels bad because I feel like I’m mistreating those people though. I’ll keep your tips at the back of my head. We’re all learning, ain’t we?
    Someday I really hope you and the whole Smosh team will make a trip to Malaysia though I really hope to meet you guys and maybe hang out abit (because I’m still too broke to fly to the U.S.)
    Keep these posts coming Mari. All the best to you 😀

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  17. Mari I totally agree with your post. This is something I want to work on because I learned that taking time to myself was really good for my daily mood and intercation with others. Unfortunately I stopped doing exercise and reading books because I started to use my studies as an excuse. So this post really helped me realize that I need to be more “selfish” and return to do the things that made me feel good with myself. Sooo thanks, will be reading more of your posts!

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  18. This is everything I needed to hear at this moment. Thank you for showing us it’s ok to be selfish if it’s for the better for yourself and others 🙂


  19. An extremely wise and accurate analysis here, Mari!
    I have been a ‘people pleaser’ for most of my life and ultimately it was making me miserable as I did not know how to be good to myself.
    In recent years however, I have adopted the mindset you have detailed so deftly above.
    I avoid inessential group social situations as I don’t enjoy the pressure that comes with them. I have learned to prioritise 1-on-1 time with the people I really value as well as spending a healthy amount of time with me, myself and I.
    I have become more honest, which at first felt like being a bit of a ‘dick’, but when I learned that people respected me more for my candour, it gave me new confidence in myself.
    I finally found the self-confidence I have been looking for. I am pursuing my dreams of working in theatre, I am intensively studying contemporary dance (something I’ve always wanted to do) and I am the happiest I’ve ever been.

    There is no shame in looking after ‘number one’.

    Thank you for sharing your story too. I hugely respect everything you do and I have been enjoying your content on YouTube for many years. Glad to discover your blog!


  20. #2 and #5 reminds me of a concept my professor taught me when we were discussing life balance and self care. It’s called “The Art of Going Nowhere and Doing Nothing.” Meaning, going nowhere in particular and doing nothing exactly planned. I can’t tell you how much this concept realigns my well-being when I do it. Just last weekend I jumped in my car and drove super early in the morning to Huntington Beach. Even though I had to wake up *far* earlier than usual, I felt incredibly reenergized from it.

    Looking forward to reading more posts, Mari! n_n

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  21. This blog post is incredibly helpful to me because as a junior in high school, I struggle with finding the time and cooling down. I only have school 4 days a week m-th but I feel like its pulling me down for some reason. I really am going to take your advice into consideration. Thank you for all the help. I never saw selfish as a good thing but now i know. tysm


  22. It’s SO hard for me to find time to be selfish. I’m in college, and I live on-campus. And on-campus housing means living with a roommate. Now, I love my roommate – she’s my best friend, but it’s really hard to have me time with another person around. My campus is really small, so there are pretty much no places I can go to be alone. So I improvise. I listen to music (both earbuds in, of course) in my dorm and I’ll read a book, or color, or catch up on my YouTube subscriptions. I’ve found a way to be alone around other people, but on the other hand, my roommate thinks I don’t like her any more which is certainly not the case. I just have to be “alone” sometimes because I find being around other people to be completely exhausting. We’ve tried talking about it, but I don’t think she really gets it. I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship.


    1. This is a situation that most definitely needs balance. Sometimes, the hardest part about friendship is getting to a place where you can both be silent without that awkwardness. If she is feeling like you’re pulling away (even if you’re not) — might I suggest inviting her to color with you at a cafe once in a while? Or inviting her to a meditation class? Or offering to include her in other activities where you’re together but don’t really have to talk. I certainly don’t think you have to do this all the time or feel like you need to cut into your own me-time, but simply inviting her might make her realize that she is still important to you.

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  23. Thanks Mari for sharing! ❤
    I’m usually this kind of “selfish”. I often treat myself and concentrate on my own little world. Negative opinions about me don’t affect me that much and I try to stay away from negativity in general.
    However, I still put other people’s wellbeing before mine. For example, I’m a scout leader and we really need more leaders in our group. I’m often alone with my troop (1 of 5) and that takes a HUGE amount of my energy. I don’t even find it fun anymore, but I stay because I don’t want the other leaders to deal with it.
    I often say yes to things before thinking, which may create problems.
    I know I need to start saying no and concentrate on my wellbeing, but it’s hard.
    Now I’m gonna go treat myself with a SG vid or some chocolate.
    Love lolli 🙂 (5_lollipop_5 on Twitter)

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  24. I often times do have a hard time getting time to myself at home, I’m in college and still live at home with my parents and am always being nagged by my parents to do stuff around the house, but sometimes at school or while I’m in the middle of something at home, I’ll get lost in my thoughts, just thinking about things in my life I could have done or done differently, which is crazy because I just got out of my first relationship of almost three months, a month ago tomorrow(today is 10/24 as I am writing this) and I am already over the guy and finding myself wanting to be in another relationship, which is strange because it usually takes me a while to get over stuff, especially when I’ve been hurt. There are things from 2+ years ago that happened while I was still in high school, and new to the YouTube and Twitter scene, that I still dwell on occasionally, even though I shouldn’t concern myself with those thoughts because they happened a while ago. My life has changed in big ways since graduating high school in 2015, and now I’m commenting this comment while being super close to receiving my associate’s degree in business administration and trying to figure out what to do with my life after college and what I should pursue after college… I will say this though, SmoshGames has been quite an influence on my life and has gotten me into several different things and has had me discovering things that I never thought that I would come to like or even considered had I not started watching YouTube. There’s more that I could say, but I will leave my comment as is until the next blog post, which I am looking forward to:) Thank you for giving me and several others a look into your present, in a different light from how we see it, and your past, pre-YouTube. It sheds light on things that I didn’t think I would ever even consider.- shelby_L15 on Twitter

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  25. Ah, got here a bit late, but this is amazing once again. I feel like these are such relevant issues for many of us. For me it’s always been #4, I’ve always been a quiet person, and so even when I do try and talk I’m usually just ignored or interrupted, which has caused more than a couple of problems for my sense of self worth, and I’m still trying to find a good way to move past that. You’re absolutely right that we’re taught that we shouldn’t be selfish in any way, and that’s a dangerous way of thinking. I’m glad that you were able to find ways to help yourself, and I’m definitely going to remember your advice and use it in my life.

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  26. Whenever i read your blogposts, i feel like you always know what to say, and that comforts me big time. I have struggled with self love for awile, but never really took the time to pay attention to it. But after reading your helpful wise words, I realized that wow. I actually don’t spend much time with the person I’v been living my whole life with. Me. Spending time with friends or family is one of my biggest things on my to-do list. But until now, I never thought of filling in a space for me to just be with me. I will totally take your list into context to help me grow as a better person. Loving yourself will defenitly make an impact on loving others. One of my favourite self love quotes goes something like this: You have friends, you have family, you have soul mates. Some may leave you, and some will love and appreciate you forever. But never forget, at the end of the day while you lie in bed, you are left with your thoughts, mind. You are left, with you. Someone that will always love you, and never ever leave your side. ~~~ I love you to bits Mari!!! Congrats on the ring, and keep up the good work on Smosh Games!

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